8 Unbelievably simple yet genius plastic bottles hacks that you should start doing right now!

Gulp down the water in your bottles, close the lid and do not trash it! Recycling used plastic bottles is the latest trends and people are going crazy with new and witty ideas. Check out these 8 amazing plastic bottles transformed into the most useful objects. Recycle, reuse, and reduce!

Fly your saplings!

Credits: Facebook | Art and Craft Ideas.

A swan barricade to protect your plants!

Credits: Facebook | Art and Craft Ideas.

In love with the shape of them!

Credits: Facebook | Red Ted Art.

What a great toy storage idea!

Credits: Facebook | Craft World.

For when you have to leave your furry babies home alone!

Credits: Facebook | K4 Craft.

Such a great kids project ideas!

Credits: Facebook | Recyclables Materials Ideas.

When mamma has to take a break from feeding!

Credits: Facebook | K4 Craft.

Lighten up your homes a little differently!

Credits: Facebook | Home Dzine.