Man buys second-hand car from police auction, finds massive surprise HIDDEN inside its door

This story is more like a mystery, as this anonymous person just “vanished” after these photos were shot. Although this incident took the internet by storm in 2013, it still holds a certain appeal. 

After the owner bought the car, from a police auction, its remote power of the window controls broke and needed repairs.

The owner chose to fix it at home to save some money. After removing the plastic panel covering from the car door, the person was surprised to see a black bag mysteriously concealed.

Opening the sack the person discovered seven neat rectangular bundles. They were wrapped tightly and stuck with duct tape.

After opening the first bundle… the car owner found a stack of 10-dollar bills!

The next bundle was even more surprising… 20-dollar bills!

The total amount of money found in the second-hand car is still a mystery; however, many people believe it was in the thousands!

Well, what would you have done with such a windfall?